About us

“Emini” - European clothing brand for adults and children.

Basic clothes created by Valeria and her son Emin - boy with perfect designer’s skills.

“Emini”  - recognizable brand of basic clothes, we have our own emblem; graceful and piquant.

Tracksuits - presented for parents and their children, you will have option similar clothes, for named “family look”.

Our fabrics - is whole world of comfort, coziness and great quality. 

With “Emini” you lose one very serious problem – “what to wear? what to put on child today?”

Comfortable sports suit in casual style - is answer on your question. 

We will have: online shop and showroom, where we will help you to choose color, style and size of clothes. 

At this time, your children will be able to play in specially place for children, and you will be able to drink a cup of aromatic coffee. 

I want you to feel comfortable, and create for you pleasant appearance.

Your Valeria.